"The material is well drawn up and fits the curriculum accurately per grade and per topic. The explanations and working out are clear, colourful and dynamic."
Murray Gibbon (School Headmaster, Claremont High School)

"Ask Archie has helped me so much in terms of passing with flying colours. From a 25% - 74%. The hard work really paid off!”
Megan Ho (Grade 8 Learner, Edenvale High School)

"I started my teaching way back in 1968. Yes, do the arithmetic. If only Ask Archie had been around way back then. Last year we purchased Archie Pro and our teachers and learners just loved the Mathematics and Science support. The presentation, thoroughness, ease of understanding, examples and building up of fundamental concepts is quite brilliant."
Rowan Hall (Edumap College)

"Ask Archie teaches me step by step, allowing me to follow closely and understand better - I will master each topic with Archie”
Samkelo Shazi (Grade 8 Learner, Mangquzuka High School)

"I am a Grade 10 pupil. In the mid year maths exam I got 35%. My father bought me Ask Archie in August this year. I have just received my year end maths marks, getting 83 and 84% for each of the two exams. ASK ARCHIE has definitely helped me. Thank you so much."
Matthew Greatwood (Grade 10 Learner, Maritzburg College)

"I feel a lot more confident accessing Archie than having to ask silly questions during class. Archie has helped me out with more than a few of my concerns, key topics have been explained in great depth.”
Keya Barkhuizen (Grade 9 Learner, Maritzburg College)

"Ask Archie would benefit Maths learners in that it explains the basics in a well-constructed manner. I would strongly endorse this product to further improve Maths results and compliment work done in class."
Moira Clarke (High School Maths Teacher)

"Given the varied concentration spans of students, The Ask Archie platform allows for regularly changes in teaching methodology within a single lesson so as to retain student’s attention and ensure their engagement.”
Warren Guscott (Maths Tutor)
"Ask Archie has helped me in so many ways this term I'm really glad to have found this programme. I was able to go at my own pace when learning new areas of Maths. I would say that my mark has improved with the help of Ask Archie."
Amani Waglay (Grade 8 Learner, Norman Henshilwood)

"Ask Archie has improved my knowledge and my marks this year, thank you Archie."
Asisipho Mfenqele (Edumap College)