Meet a few members, part of our High School community who have come to know and love Ask Archie.

The material is well drawn up and fits the curriculum accurately per grade and per topic. The explanations and working out are clear, colourful and dynamic.
Murray Gibbon (School Headmaster, Claremont High School)
"Ask Archie has helped me so much in terms of passing with flying colours. From a 25% - 74%. The hard work really paid off!”
Megan Ho (Grade 8 Learner, Edenvale High School)
My Grade 10 Maths mark increased from 32% - 60% in only 2 months. Archie has officially become by Maths solution!
Given Makoa (Grade 10 Learner, St Marks College)
I used the programme in my lessons to make class more interesting for my learners and to enforce work being done. The learners enjoyed this change in the normal teaching methods. I found Archie to be an excellent teaching tool.
Melanie Van Wyk (Grade 8 Teacher, Carleton Jones High School)
I feel a lot more confident accessing Archie than having to ask silly questions during class. Archie has helped me out with more than a few of my concerns, key topics have been explained in great depth.
Keya Barkhuizen (Grade 9 Learner, Maritzburg College)
I am a Grade 10 pupil. In the mid year maths exam I got 35%. My father bought me Ask Archie in August this year. I have just received my year end maths marks, getting 83 and 84% for each of the two exams. ASK ARCHIE has definitely helped me. Thank you so much.”
Matthew Greatwood (Grade 10 Learner, Maritzburg College)
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