ask archie tvet explained

TVET Colleges, NCV and Nated Mathematics

Archie has been formulated to serve Lecturers and Students in the TVET sector. We offer both online and offline solutions, these solutions are available on desktop and mobile devices.

Archie’s digital resources are accurately aligned to the South African TVET curriculum. Our aim is to pave the way for students who are interested in entering specialised trades by providing them with access to high quality Mathematical content.

Student and Lecturer Support

  • Archie contains a very effective step-by-step back and forth teaching methodology.
  • Lecturers find the layout useful because they are able to teach straight off the programme during class.
  • Developed by one of the top TVET lecturers in South Africa, the Archie teaching methods have been tested countrywide and are found to be highly effective.

Archie’s latest HTML5 software update (Archie2020) is easy to navigate, and operates off simpler page layouts, requiring less data consumption.


Cape Book and College Supplies (CBCS) provides TVET Colleges with learning and support material, as well as interactive software to assist lecturers and students in the methodology and teaching of Mathematics. Technology can be used effectively in classrooms and at home, which is why CBCS is passionate in connecting TVET colleges with Ask Archie’s breakthrough content.

As ‘exclusive’ resellers to our Archie TVET learning programmes, CBCS are committed to making Ask Archie a vital learner tool, easily accessible to the TVET sector.