Improve Your High School Physical Sciences

High School Physical Science, Grade 10 - 12

Physical Science comes with the stigma of being a notoriously difficult subject that is hard to master and be successful in.

Our Physical Science Study Guide and Online Learning Material are designed to help students change this mindset which can often be a mental block that prevents them from achieving their full potential.

At Archie, our goal is to overturn this mentality and demonstrate to learners that Physical Science can actually be fun, meaningful, and easily mastered.

We achieve this by offering a self-paced learning model which allows learners to digest information in bite-sized chunks, making the learning material easy to process and understand. Purchase Ask Archie!

Additionally, we understand that a large majority of learners are visual learners. This is why we have over 6000 high-quality science-related images in our high school physical science study guide & package.

Of course, scientists need to perform several different types of calculations, which can often be quite difficult and daunting.

Luckily, Archie breaks every calculation down into steps, providing learners with prompts of what to do at each step of the calculation. This guided approach helps learners feel more in control of their learning, boosting their confidence and ultimately their success.

Archie’s latest HTML5 software update (Archie2020) is easy to navigate, and operates off simpler page layouts, requiring less data consumption.

We are a proudly South African company that offers high-quality online learning materials which are fully CAPS aligned and designed to meet all curriculum expectations. We would love to welcome you onboard and inspire you to become genuinely interested, curious and passionate about science.

physical science study guide
physical science study guide