Archie is here to play a part in the solution to bring more learners through to the job market with greater pass marks in Maths and Physical Science

Archie’s online resources offer clear, strategic methods to explain concepts, tricky formulas, laws, theorems and methodologies.  Our online platform provides a self-paced learning model, empowering learners to digest information in bite-sized chunks, making the content easy to revise. We understand that the majority of learners learn visually, which is why we have over 6000 high-quality ‘science related’ images in our High School Science package. Purchase Archie today!

  • Archie is regularly updated by our expert oracles in order to give you the best content possible. Archie content developers work tirelessly to aid learners in complex problem-solving techniques with our unique teaching methodology.
  • Our explanation pace is determined solely by the user and we have made this functionality user-friendly for your convenience.
  • Each Grade topic contains step-by-step solutions to questions from actual test and past exam papers so we’ve got you fully covered.

We are a Proudly South African company, offering high-quality learning materials which are fully CAPS aligned and designed to meet ALL curriculum expectations. 

“I used the programme in my lessons to make it more interesting for the learners and to enforce the work being done. The learners enjoyed this change in the normal teaching and I found it an excellent tool.”

Melanie Van Wyk (Grade 8 Teacher, Carleton Jones High School)

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