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The World Economic Forum, in 2019 predicted that 65% of children entering primary school today, will be working in completely new jobs that aren’t yet in existence. While this is exciting to imagine, it poses the question as to whether South Africa’s youth will be able to compete in the global Fourth Industrial Revolution, given the dire state of our education system today.

The stats comparing the number of matriculants opting to do maths and science demonstrates that, more needs to be done in empowering young people to believe that they can learn and succeed with pure maths and physical science.

The continued decline of learners choosing to study pure maths and physical science will see a paralleled decline in South Africa’s youth marketing being fully primed to take on the new work requirements brought on by the introduction of the 4IR.

Empower SA’s Youth, One Classroom At A Time.

In addition to providing individual pupils with subscribed access to our online material, Ask Archie exists to bring corporates along on the journey of seeing young people reach their maths and science potential.

By sponsoring a classroom or an entire school, your business is able to equip learners with the critical resources they need to revise and succeed in maths and science. Learners will be able to revise and sharpen their maths and physical science at their own pace, via our simple online interface. All Ask Archie maths and science material are fully CAPS aligned and designed to meet ALL curriculum expectations, with as little data costs as possible.

Your business decision to sponsor a class or school will see entire classes prepared for the advanced job market to come, and in so doing contribute to the steady growth of the South African economy. If you are interested in learning about how your business can take the next steps, contact us today.