Ask Archie is a response to the dire future consequences of this trend continuing. We believe that instilling Maths and Science knowledge as a value amongst the High School community is paramount to seeing a shift in the trajectory of the next generation.

With over fifteen years in the Maths and Science revision space, we stand firmly by our proven online learning model, which is fairly priced, both for individual learner purchases as well as corporate purchases for entire grades or schools.

We look forward to partnering with you in propelling our school communities into becoming better custodians of Maths and Science success, in order for the youth of South Africa to protect their future work opportunities.

 “I started my teaching way back in 1968. Yes, do the arithmetic.

If only Archie had been around way back then. Last year we purchased Archie and our students (57 of them) just loved the Mathematics and Science help. They were able to revise Gr 10,11 and 12 Mathematics and Science. 

The presentation, thoroughness, ease of understanding, examples and building up of fundamental concepts is brilliant.”

– Rowan Hall (Edumap College)