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Grade 8 – 12 Mathematics (CAPS) + Grade 10 – 12 Physical Science (CAPS)

High Quality Content:
Archie uses very little mobile data. Our teaching content has taken ‘tens of thousands’ of hours to develop. With Archie you receive access to over 15,000 high quality teaching slides.

Step by Step Explanations:
‘Step by step’ solutions to Test and Exam Questions are graphically explained to you – as if you are in class, seated right next to the teacher.

Self Paced Learning:
When using Archie, you are 100% in control of the explanation pace – ideal for understanding and cementing complicated concepts and theorems.

The perfect ‘step-by-step’ teaching whiteboard for learners, teachers and tutors alike. Developed by South Africa’s leading Maths and Science teachers over a period of 15 years.
Most extra Lessons get charged @ R250 – R300 per hour.
Thousands of hours of teaching content at your fingertips.
The perfect ‘step-by-step’ teaching whiteboard for learners, teachers and tutors alike.

"Unlocking Potential"
We will continue enhancing our e-learning platform, ensuring that every South African that interacts with Archie will undoubtedly reach their academic potential.



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Customer Reviews

"The material is well drawn up and fits the curriculum accurately per grade and per topic. The explanations and working out are clear, colourful and dynamic."
Murray Gibbon (School Headmaster, Claremont High School)

"I started my teaching way back in 1968. Yes, do the arithmetic. If only Archie had been around way back then. Last year we purchased Archie and our students (57 of them) just loved the Mathematics and Science help. We were able to revise Grade 10, 11 and 12 mathematics and Science.

The presentation, thoroughness, ease of understanding, examples and building up of fundamental concepts is brilliant.”
Rowan Hall (Edumap College)

"Ask Archie would benefit Maths learners in that it explains the basics in a well-constructed manner. I would strongly endorse this product to further improve Maths results and compliment work done in class."
Moira Clarke (High School Maths Teacher)

"Given the varied concentration spans of students, The Ask Archie platform allows for regularly changes in teaching methodology within a single lesson so as to retain student’s attention and ensure their engagement.”
Warren Guscott (Maths Tutor)